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Lajver Incognito

2 990 Ft




The blue-franc (kékfrankos) Carpathian Basin is the most diverse, most potent and least recognised variety.

White. And blue-franc (kékfrankos). It smells almost like a light, airy rosé, but it could pretend to be a fresh Riesling, perfumed with some cherries. You can already feel a twisting sensation in a sip of it; there are fresh, crunchy early raspberries, peaches, white mulberries, a little creaminess. From fresh cherries to exotic fruits, there is a wide range of flavours and aromas. Clean, nice, flattering wine. It has energy, purity, kindness and finesse. From this you know this really is blue franc.

How was it made:
Manual cluster selection. The coloured muss is immediately removed from the press, settled and cold-fermented in a stainless steel tank. After that, we arrive at an almost perfect white wine, whose slight pinkness is corrected with proper clarification, so the end result is a unique blue franc white wine.


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